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Our Work     - For over 30 years we have specialized in the investigation, engineering analysis, and reconstruction of accidents and incidents causing injury, death and property damage, and the engineering analysis of the safety of products, equipment and facilities involved in accidents and incidents. We have performed this work for both plaintiffs and defendants over this whole period. 
Phone: (440) 838-1191
The results of our work can be, and are regularly, presented in client consultations, written expert reports, and affidavits, as well as in expert testimony in deposition, arbitration and trial. The presentation of the results of our work is determined by the requirements for the matter, and as requested by the client.
While looking in the list below for a forensic specialty click on underlined text to go to specialties list, keep in mind that most of these forensic specialties are known by a number of different names, all of which may not be on the list. If a forensic specialty may be what you are looking for, but by a name you do not expect, you can check the description by clicking on 'summary' or 'detail' next to the name on the list. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question about the work we do or how we would handle your matter. Of course, there is no charge for such consultation. Initial phone consultation is always free and available to meet your schedule, including outside normal office hours. 
If your matter is within the forensic areas in which we work click on underlined text to go to specialties list, which are listed immediately below and in summary form on the specialties section of the left sidebar, please contact us to discuss this matter with us. If you are not sure whether your matter is within our area of work, we would like to discuss the matter with you to determine if it is something within our work area, and if it is, we would like discuss with you how we could handle your matter. 
Phone: (440) 838-1191
Over the last 30 years we have regularly worked on accidents which occurred in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York and nearby, including inspections of accident sites, equipment, and facilities, with reports and testimony. During these 30 years we have also worked on accidents which occurred in other states, and equipment and facilities located in other states, with inspections of accident sites, equipment, and facilities, from Kansas and Utah to Vermont and North Carolina, with reports and testimony for these accidents, when applicable.
  Geographic Area of Work is North America 
* in work in all specialties
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James D. Madden, P.E., while performing Forensic Engineering work full-time for over 
the last 30 years, for both plaintiff and defendant, has to date*:
  Forensic Engineering Work by Senior Forensic Engineer James D. Madden, P.E. 
  completed over 1000 cases
  written and issued over 600 reports                  
  testified in over 90 depositions
  written and issued over 60 affidavits
  testified in over 75 trials                               
  verbal reports, by telephone or in face-to-face conferences
We present the results of our investigations, engineering analyses and reconstructions in 
the client's choice of any, or all, of the following: 
  Presentation of results of our work
  written reports and affidavits
  deposition testimony, including video deposition
  trial testimony and arbitration testimony
The qualifications of James D. Madden, P.E., Senior Forensic Engineer, Consulting and Testifying Forensic Engineer and Accident Reconstruction Engineer,
Download a Summary or Detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV) / Resume' for James D. Madden, P.E.,
by clicking on the buttons below for printable pdfs of the CVs. 
  Qualifications of James D. Madden, P.E., Senior Forensic Engineer
  Download  Curriculum Vitae
are listed on the      Expertise          and      Work & Specialties    pages (click on buttons to the left).  
For mailing address, phone, fax and email address click a button below the Fee Schedule section.
Contact us by phone, fax, mail or email for a copy of the Fee Schedule for charges for engineering and consulting services and testimony.  Click a button below for contact information.
  Contact information
  Fee Schedule
Phone: (440) 838-1191
Consultation is available before starting a case. We invite you to consult with us. 
There is no charge for an initial phone consultation.
Call us, or if you prefer we can schedule the consultation in advance.
Phone: (440) 838-1191
Consultation with James D. Madden, PE, a Professional Engineer, and Forensic
Engineering Consulting and Testifying Expert Witness, is available to the client at all
times during the work - before, during, and after the investigation,
engineering analysis, reconstruction, report, and any other work on the case.
  consumer products  summary • details  
  premises, building and property accidents, including slips, trips and falls  summary • details
  workplace - construction, industrial & commercial operations and facilities  summary • details 
  traffic accidents, traffic crashes, including roadway design and condition  summary • details
  chemicals, gases and materials  summary • details
  equipment and industrial fires & explosions  summary • details  
 ▪ with work in the following specialties as part of the work with the specialties listed above
  human factors  summary • details   
  safeguarding, guards  summary • details
  codes, standards and recommended practices.  summary • details
  hazardous combustion, including causing carbon monoxide poisoning  summary • details 
  safety design  summary • details
  warnings  summary • details 
  We do work in the following forensic specialties:
 click on "summary" or "details" for Specialty information
  industrial, commercial and construction equipment, machinery  summary • details  
  Our Work 
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Madden Accident Analysis & Forensic Engineering, through its Senior Forensic Engineer, James D. Madden, P.E., a licensed professional engineer, has performed Accident Investigations, Engineering Analyses and Accident Reconstructions routinely for accidents, incidents and cases located in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and New York, in the technical areas which are noted in this website, as well as providing expert reports and testifying in court proceedings in these states in the capacity of an Expert Witness, including depositions, arbitrations and/or trials, with Forensic Engineering work also performed in, and/or for cases in, Illinois, Maryland, North Carolina, Vermont, Kansas and Utah. 
Madden Accident Analysis & Forensic Engineering, through its Senior Forensic Engineer, James D. Madden, P.E., a licensed professional engineer, has performed Accident Investigations, Engineering Analyses and Accident Reconstructions for accidents, incidents and cases in the metropolitan areas of Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Toledo, Warren, Youngstown, Mansfield, Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, Lima, Findlay, Marietta and Steubenville, as well elsewhere throughout Ohio, and the metropolitan areas of Pittsburgh and Erie, as well as elsewhere throughout western and central Pennsylvania, and the metropolitan areas of Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Flint and Port Huron, as well as elsewhere in southern Michigan, and the metropolitan areas of Buffalo and Syracuse, as well as elsewhere in western and central New York state. In many of these areas James D. Madden, P.E. has provided expert reports and testified in the capacity of an Expert Witness in court proceedings, including depositions, arbitrations and/or trials.  
Madden Accident Analysis & Forensic Engineering, through its Senior Forensic Engineer James D. Madden, P.E., is available for Accident Investigations, Engineering Analyses, Accident Reconstructions, and testimony in deposition, arbitration and trial, for cases located throughout North America.
Madden Accident Analysis & Forensic Engineering
James D. Madden, P.E. is our Senior Forensic Engineer, 
Accident Reconstructionist and Engineering Expert Witness



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Our work investigating, analyzing and reconstructing accidents, and presenting the results, may include any 
or all of the following, depending on the needs of the case: 
  Our Typical Work Activities and Products, when warranted by the case
For more details go to 
  inspection of the accident site, such as a roadway, outdoor facilities, building or industrial facilities
inspection of the involved equipment, in post-accident condition, including in damaged condition (such as crashed vehicles)
  interviewing witnesses (often during the inspection of the accident site, product and/or equipment)
coordinating or interfacing with others while they are preparing specialized exhibits such as video animations and videos of demonstrations
review and study of case documents, evidence and applicable codes, standards, regulations and recommended practices
  written reports and affidavits, and exhibits for reports and/or testimony 
  testing accident items and exemplar items (such as consumer products)
  photography and/or video of the accident site and involved equipment
  testimony in deposition, trial and arbitration
inspection of the involved equipment, when it is available for operation, during operation (such as industrial equipment)
performing engineering analysis and/or accident reconstruction, including preparing drawings, calculations, graphical analyses, computer analyses, etc. as required to analyze and/or reconstruct the accident, and to present the engineering analysis and reconstruction
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James D. Madden, P.E.
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Madden Accident Analysis & Forensic Engineering
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over 30 Years Investigating, Analyzing, Reconstructing and Testifying about Accidents
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